Ricky Lee

Racquet Manager

Peter Burwash International, Texas. U.S.A.

Joined its’ esteemed tennis professional team at the Aberdeen Marina Club, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong.

Responsible for overseeing all operations, included initiating, promoting and organizing events and activities for its individual and corporate memberships. Apart from the daily running of the club, he Ricky coached Miss Joanne Cheung, the Hong Kong 14 & under 16 under champion and 1999 School girls champion.

Hong Kong Tennis Association, Hong Kong.

Primary responsibility was to manage, develop and monitor the progress of juniors at the Elite level. Duties included assessment, development of effective techniques and strategies, and traveling overseas with players and teams.

Northumberland Tennis Development, United Kingdom.

As well as coaching and training players and teams, responsibilities also included the research, review and planning of a program that would increase the standards, awareness and popularity of tennis in the region.