Squash & Multi-Sport Online Booking

Online Booking of Squash & Multi-Sport Courts

  • 7-day court booking calendars on website.
  • Make your own court bookings online, or book with ACC staff at the Pro Shop.
  • Automated waiting list for occupied court slots.
  • Receive confirmations and reminders by email and/or SMS.
  • Track your family’s bookings in your personal “Current Bookings” list.
  • Online Squash and Multi-Sport Court booking will be introduced first. Tennis booking will be introduced soon afterwards.

Booking is done via a calendar page (one for each court type).

This is how the Multi-Sports court booking calendar looks on a full-size screen:

Here is the same calendar as shown on a smaller device such as a mobile phone:

To book a court click into an available time slot and select the “Main Player” then submit the booking. This is the member of your family who will use the court. The booking system will track player quotas and ensure that bookings comply with quota limits.

More detailed information about making bookings can be found on the Racquet Court Booking Help page.

How Do I Find the Booking Calendars?

You can get to the court booking calendars either from the Squash and Multi-Sport sections of the website, or directly from the main website menu as shown below:



Court Availability Screen Outside the Pro Shop

This screen shows real time court availability for Tennis, Squash and Multi-Sport.


“Buddy List” Feature

You can only book courts for members of your own family, but if you regularly play with the same other ACC Members you may want them to have the convenience of tracking these bookings too. This is where our “Buddy List” feature (also being released on September 7) comes in:

  • By establishing a “Buddy” connection between yourself and another ACC Member you will see one another’s names as optional additional “Notified Persons” on your racquet court and dining bookings.
  • By adding your Buddy as a notified person on your booking he/she will receive notifications and email / SMS reminders about the booking, and see it listed on his/her own “Current Bookings” list.
  • Creation of a Buddy connection requires agreement from both Members – one Member sends a request and the other must confirm.
  • Adding a Notified Person on a booking is for convenience only – responsibility for the booking remains entirely with the Membership which created and owns the booking.

More detailed information about creating and managing your Buddy Connections can be found on the Buddy List Help page.

You can manage your Buddy List Connections using a menu item on your Account Dashboard page.