New Arrival at the Pro Shop – SPORT-WASH

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Made in USA by Atsko, Inc. since 1933

Scent-free hair & body soap rinses completely removes bacteria, odor, & residues of other soaps.
Leaves nothing to alert game, attract insects, net wt. 4 ozs. (100 grams) or irritate skin.


About Atsko

Atsko provides products and information to get maximum performance from footwear, clothing, and sporting goods. Atsko was formed to develop new markets for Sno-Seal, the original beeswax waterproofing. Sno-Seal was created in 1933 to preseve and protect leather ski boots. When plastic ski boots replaced leather Atsko introduced Sno-Seal to more general applications.

Over the past twenty years, Atsko has created new products for extreme challenges. These specialty products outperform typical household brands and give better results for less money while adding additional benefits.



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