LIVE: Online Fitness Class & Kids’ Online Classes


Becoming a ‘little’ challenged looking for some fun events for you and your children during the “Summer Staycation”?

Here are two excellent ACC Online Classes for children and adults! No Charge! Join our class and have fun with us!

The booking system will open every Thursday at 10:00 pm! Click here for details and registration.


LIVE Online Fitness Class

For our Adult Members – Jenny Chang, Angel Kao, Billy Tseng, Young Yang, Nice Hsu, Jimmy Kuo, and more instructors have prepared a veritable plethora of online fitness classes, which will start next Monday, June 28. Such as Mobility Exercises, Zumba, Pilates, Functional X, Home Body Weight Workout, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga!


LIVE Kids’ Online Classes



Kids’ Dance Time

Fun Science Workshop

Free Event / On-Line Capacity: Minimum 5 ; Maximum 15  

Kids’ dance classes have always been popular during our summer vacation time! We prepared two age groups for children age 4-8 years and 9-12 years. Are you ready? Let’s bring the class to your home!

Free Event / On-Line Capacity: Minimum 5 ; Maximum 15  

Welcome to the Fun Science Workshop. This is an interactive online science workshop for children between the ages 6~12. Please note that Members have to prepare the material in advance before the class.



For more information, please contact Fitness Center Staff by email at