2019 ACC Swim Challenge – Swim Around Kaohsiung (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Swimming Pool

Swim your way along the Love River in Kaohsiung without even leaving our Swimming Pool.

1) The ACC Swim Challenge will start on Monday, April 22 and end on Sunday, May 26. (35 Days)

2) The Swim Challenge is limited to a total of 30 swimmers and is divided into two categories :

  • Team – Advanced ( Total distance is 60km )
  • Team – Recreational ( Total distance is 30km )

3) Sign up by the poolside and receive your ‘Personal Marker Pin’ from the Swimming Pool Staff.

4) Record your progress with the marker pin on The Challenge Schedule Map located by the poolside.

5) The maximum distance to swim per day for each category is limited to 3km, which is
equal to 60 pool laps. (One lap is the length of the pool and back.)

6) When you reach stations 3 Formosa Boulevard Station, 6 Kaohsiung Lighthouse and 9 Sizihwan,
please advise the Swimming Pool Staff to qualify for a chance at the Lucky Draw.

7) Prizes will be presented to the winners of the two categories : First, Second and Third Places.

Please contact the Swimming Pool Staff for complete details.

Many thanks to

for generously sponsoring this event.