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Keeping fit is probably in most people’s new year’s resolution every year. No matter your motivation, being healthy is the most important reason to exercise regularly. So come to the Fitness Center! We will have two free trial lessons this month, and our instructors will help you stay motivated, get fit, and healthy!


Happy Hips: A class on hip

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Move & Stretch along with a Workout + Yoga!

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Instructor – Jen Wen

Jen has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, teaching for over 10+ years, and has become certified as a personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). She started her yoga journey with a more intense and demanding yoga, called Astanga yoga. But now she has moved into Hatha, with more emphasis on connecting the body with the nervous system. She has also started becoming more of a yoga “gym bunny”, complimenting her practice with functional movement and strength training. She hopes to not only support her clients in physical strength training, but also with connecting, understanding, and honoring their mental and inner states.


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