Swim Challenge 2021

Date & Time:
Location:Swimming Pool

Take the Challenge! 75km IN 35 DAYS!

Date Monday, April 12 to Sunday, May 16
Awards date 7 pm, Monday, May 17
Entry Free. Sign up at Swimming Team Office
Age groups Open
Advanced Competition
  • Distance: 75 km
  • Maximum per Day: 3km
    3 km equivalent to 60 laps.
Recreational Competition
  • Distance: 37.5 km
  • Maximum per Day: 1.5 km
    1.5 km equivalent to 30 laps.
Lucky Draws – Advanced Upon completion of: 15km / 30km / 45km

– Advise Swimming Team Staff for qualification

Lucky Draws – Recreational Upon completion of: 8km / 16km / 24km

– Advise Swimming Team Staff for qualification

Prizes 1st / 2nd / 3rd

both advanced and recreational


Active content:

  1. Team advanced: The maximum will be 3 km for each day. Total distance will be 75 km. At the earliest completing in 25 days.
  2. Team recreational: The maximum will be 1.5 km for each day. Total swim fulfill 37.5 km, at the earliest completing in 25 days.
    3km=60 laps、1 lap=50 meters. Including 3 km X 25 days=75 km.
    1.5 km= 30 laps、1 lap=50 meters. Including 1.5 km X 25 days=37.5 km.
  3. All contestants can get 2 coupons for Inbody testing. It can be used once before and after the game. InBody Test, a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, etc.
  4. When you reach
    * Team – Advanced – 15km、30km、45km
    * Team – Recreational – 8km、16km、24km
    Please advise the Swimming Team Staff for qualification and chance at the Lucky Draw.
    The challenge can be participated anytime during the stated duration.


Prizes will be presented to the winners of two categories of the Top 3 placings.


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For more information, please contact the Swimming Team Office at 02 2885-8259

or email to swim@americanclub.org.tw