Triathlon Training Experience! – Adult’s Session (Cancelled)

Date & Time:
Location:Fitness Center
Cost:Adults: NT$350

This session serves as a practice trial for anyone who is keen to participate in a triathlon OR compete in the upcoming “Challenge Taiwan 2020-Taitung”, Taitung Triathlon Participants.

The program will allow our Members to become familiar with each segment of the race.  We will simulate the race with swimming in the ACC pool, biking (on your own bike) and running – both on paths around the Club.

Participants will be required to bring their competition clothing/gear/bike to the Club.

Coaches will go over details for all three-race segments that will include:

  • Pro tips for swimming, biking, and running
  • How to get into the water safely with a large group of participants
  • Setting up the bike
  • List of essential gear needed for triathlons
  • Minimizing transition times to adjusting stamina correctly for each relay



Please note that we will have 2 seatings. This is Seating 1 of 2: Adult’s Session  (Sunday, 12 April 2:00 – 5:00 pm). Click here if you wish to book for the 2nd Seating: Children’s Session (Sunday, 19 April 2:00 – 5:00 pm)

Seats are limited, please sign at the Fitness Center Reception.

Sign up deadline is 6 days before the event day.

Cancel before  Monday, 6th April to avoid charges.


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For more information, please contact the Fitness Team at 02 2885-8260 ext. 378/379 or email to